Alber Zoran is a brand inspired by the noble sport of Fencing.

Our logo represents the honorable fight of two classic fencers evoking the values of strength and elegance. A fight where you face your opponent head-on, looking them in the eye and therefore considered a fair fight.

Yes, we truly believe that fencing is more than a fight, is an artistic expression where the movements reminds a dance between strangers that approach with passion to obtain the victory. 

Our philosophy is that fighting for your dreams is the most honorable human being adventure.

We all have to fight passionately but always with elegance & honor.

The founders of Alber Zoran practiced this sport during their university days and from the first practice session they knew that these same values would accompany them throughout their professional and personal lives.

Years later during the creative process of designing the logo for Alber Zoran, they recalled the hours practicing fencing in which the strength of the movements of the fencers competing resemble an elegant dance which perfectly represented the aesthetic values ​​of the brand: strength and elegance, evoking a timeless sport and a classic look.