The Alber Zoran team’s values are humanistic and based onethics. We believe it’s possible to maintain a business whilst respecting our planet, human rights and diversity. We want to live in a planet where every human being will generate ways to make a better living for everybody.The deal’s we have with our clients go beyond the obvious agreement to supply them with the goods that they are purchasing.At Alber Zoran we are disrupting the relationship between clients and brands by disrupting the distribution of company profits. We are giving our clients the power to make an impact on our planet, by deciding to work with us, you are helping us to donate 50% of the profits (after tax) to STOP Climate Change. Without investing large amounts of money, we will not be able to Stop Climate Change, which is why we need a new generation of start-ups, brands and consumers where they, with their purchases, will support brands to revert part of those profits efficiently and fast.We are asking you to get involved in Alber Zoran’s success, showing others in different sectors that our value proposal is the new level of competition for modern companies.If you like our values – then share, discuss, get inspired and decide if you want to be part of this change – and if we have convinced you, join us and let’s start healing our planet. 




The Alber Zoran brand is inspired by the noble sport of Fencing, honored by our official logo – an image of two classic fencers evoking the values of strength and elegance. A fair fight, where you face your opponents head-on, looking them straight in the eyes. Our philosophy is that fighting for our dreams with elegance and honor is the most honorable human adventure.

The founders of Alber Zoran practiced this sport at university, and from the first session, they knew that these values would accompany them throughout their professional and personal lives. Years later, during the creative process of designing the logo for Alber Zoran, they recalled the hours spent practicing fencing, in which the strength in the movements of the competing fencers resemble an elegant dance, perfectly representing the aesthetic values of the brand: strength and elegance.




In 2010, Alber Zoran was founded in the city of Barcelona as an independent textile design studio. Since then, we’ve collaborated with numerous international brands to create original collections which combine eye catching prints and dazzling colors, inspired by the style of Barcelona and the spirit of the Mediterranean coast.

In 2014, we presented our first official collaboration to the public with Versace 1969 Abbigliamento Sportivo SRL. One year later, we launched our first collection of accessories to the international market under our own brand name, Alber Zoran. We followed this launch with a mens collection including AZ Jeans and Polo shirts. And we continue to grow, currently available in more than 40 countries worldwide.